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EC4SafeNano is an ongoing project to build a European Centre for Risk Management and Safe In-novation in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies. The project aims to bridge the gap between scientific approaches on hazard and risk, and ‘fit-for-purpose’ risk management tools and strategies supported by measurement and control methods.

We launched our first survey two years ago, to collect the needs and resources for nanosafety services in Europe. Such services could be the assessment of the safety of nanomaterials, the management of their potential risks on humans and the environment, the compliance to REACH regulations etc.

The present questionnaire is only about your needs for nanosafety services, it will update and enrich the findings of our first survey, and it does not take longer than 10 min to complete.

The respondents that choose to provide their contact details will gain access to the full survey report. They may also have the opportunity to express their views regarding the future of the EC4SafeNano Center, if they choose to join one or more of our dedicated Focus Groups.

We assume that your answers stem from your professional experience and your personal judgement on the required services, and might not reflect the formal position of your Organization.

We would use the provided information for demographic / geographic analysis of the results only, as well as to provide you with the feedback about the survey and results, if desired by you.  This information will be used for purposes of this survey only.

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